European Vascular Course

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The preliminary program of EVC 2018, which will be presented on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday March 4-6 in Maastricht, the Netherlands. New is that the venous program is composed in close collaboration with the European College of Phlebology (ECoP). The UEMS Section and Board of  Vascular Surgery will organize the FEBVS assessment at EVC on Saturday, March 4.

EVC 2017 will offer:

Arterial program

• 40 invited lectures on arterial subjects
•  Arterial textbook
•  Edited video’s on surgical and endovascular techniques
•  Case discussions on carotid, peripheral and aortic subjects
• Program integration with medical industry
• Vascular master classes on carotid, aortic and peripheral endovascular and surgical procedures
•  Master class on scientific writing
•  Anastomotic master class

Venous program

• New: collaboration with ECoP
• 55 lectures on venous subjects
• Free paper sessions
• Venous abstract book
• Twelve video edited live-case discussions
• Guideline-sessions represented by 24 European Venous Societies.
• International Compression Club meeting (ICC)
• Program integration with medical industry
• Venous master classes on thrombolysis, stenting, endovascular ablation, and duplex.

Vascular access program

• 45 invited lectures on access subjects
• Vascular access textbook
• Edited videos on vascular access procedures
• Case based discussions
• Vascular access surgical model (Vascular International)
• Vascular access master class on human cadaver models
• Workshops on Duplex and catheters


• Membership of EVC community and E-learning curriculum
• More than 2000 participants (in 2016)

Our goal is to educate and inspire

The main goal of EVC is to provide theoretical and practical education offering participants the most recent knowledge on arterial, venous and vascular access subjects.

In addition to the invited lectures, instructive edited videos, master classes and workshops, all participants receive the high level quality text- and abstract book at registration. Furthermore, we offer and promote challenging case discussions in small groups where you can share your views and experience together with the experts in the field. Finally, our industry partners will inform you on their latest innovations and developments during their workshops.

We look forward to welcome you at our 21st European Vascular Course!


Organizer Michael Jacobs


Sun, Mar. 4 - Tue, Mar. 6, 2018
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
(GMT+0000) Europe/London

Event has ended


Maastricht Forum 100
Maastricht, GV 6229